Leaving home, coming home: A project to make students aware of migration in our countries

This Erasmus+ project was realized by students from our six partner Schools:
Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck-Schule in Germany (Darmstadt)      Facebook
Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych nr 2 in Poland (Krakau)   Facebook
Lycée Polyvalent Auguste Loubatières in France (Agde) Facebook
Istanbul Ataturk Fen Liseli in Turkey (Istanbul)         Facebook
Institut Vall d'Hebron in Spain (Barcelona)                              Facebook
Colegiul Economic "Ion Ghica" in Romania (Bacau)             Facebook

The work has been divided into five subprojects whose different achievements and productions are visible from the menus of the Website

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Project Overview


 Project Overview


With our project on migration in Europe, we intend to initiate and develop an increased sense of initiative by a greater understanding of responsibility towards social, linguistic and cultural diversity. It is our aim to help students and staff to understand the urgent need to react to the pressing problem of refugee seeking as well as the more general problem (but also chance) of migratory movement in Europe.

This major goal will be reflected by our common final product, a short film mosaic: